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jelliy beans candy Jelly Beans
Our flavors include an equal mix of lemon, Lime, Orange, Cherry, Strawberry, Grape, Pineapple and Licorice.
neon sour bears candy Neon Sour Bears
Tangy fruit flavored gummy candies in the shape of a teddy bear.
red raspberry candy Red Raspberries
A raspberry flavored gummy candy coated with tiny beads that give them a little crunch.

treasure treats beliefs
The joys of candy are simple. Regardless of your age or origin- your favorite sweet can bring a smile to your face and make a bad day a little better. Maybe the smile comes from letting a spearmint leaf melt in your mouth or the nostalgia of enjoying a candy when you are seventy that you shared with your father when you were six. Like the joys of candy, Eversons beliefs are simple as well..

Everson Distributing® started making their first deliveries over fifty years ago. Our humble beginning started with founder William H. Everson driving his own truck around to local mom and pop stores, delivering his wares and sealing deals with a handshake. Early deliveries to the grocers were of various foodstuffs, but late in the fifties he turned his attention to candy..
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